As of Term 4, 2012 MRBS will no longer be used to book computer rooms.

To book computer rooms you need to do so in Edval.

1. Open up Edval Staff.

2. Click on Rooms in the menu bar.

3. Click on Book a Room.

4. If you want to book the room on that day don’t change the date slider. Otherwise select the day you want (Within 14 days)

5. Find the period you want to book, and double click on the room you want to book.

6. Click on the Teachers name drop down box and select your name.

7. If the remember box is ticked, untick it.

8. For some reason it makes you provide a reason, just type ‘Computers

9. Leave the ‘Vacate Original Room‘ with the little dot in it.

Note: You can’t book a room 14 days or more in advance.

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